Tours at Tennent’s

How often do you get the chance to be face to face with a genuine Scottish icon?

Whether you’re visiting our city for the first time and looking for something fun to do in Glasgow, are a lifelong local who’s never set foot in Wellpark or want to see why Scotland loves its national beer so much, a Tennent’s brewery tour is must-do activity in Glasgow.

Come and see for yourself when you visit us at Tennent’s visitor centre.

Tours Galore

When Hugh Tennent first brewed our legendary beer back in 1885, he would hardly have imagined how much of an impact it would have in becoming the biggest beer in the country. We aim to showcase Tennent’s and educate guests when they come through the doors of the Tennent’s visitor centre on how the beer is made, why it is famous around the world and our journey from then to now.

With this location having a history that goes back over 450 years, you will see what makes this specific area of Glasgow so great for brewing beer and how Tennent’s has become ingrained in Scottish culture.

We have a range of tours on offer to give guests something that suits their tastes, ranging from a simple tour of the brewery and a range of masterclass.

The Tennent’s Brewery Tour

The Tennent’s Story Heritage Centre

Craft Beer Masterclass and brewery tour

Tennent’s Heritage Walking Tour

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Glasgow Music City Tours

Celtic Park and brewery tour

Committee Room 9 Special offer

A Tour Where You Really Go Behind the Scenes

We want to showcase everything we do at Wellpark Brewery. That’s why our tours access all areas. We’ll take you around the entire brewery to see the process from start to finish. You’ll even get hands-on with ingredients and have a chance to sample the freshest pints of Tennent’s you will ever get to drink.

A Tour That Suits You

You will notice there are several tour types on this page, and you may be wondering which works best for you. Here is a brief synopsis of each tour we currently offer.

Our most popular tour and one of the best-reviewed things to do in Glasgow, our main tour will give you a complete history of Tennent’s and the famous beer making process and ending the tour with a pint of course.

When coming to Wellpark, you might notice Drygate brewery just on the corner of our grounds. We believe in empowering craft beer and on this tour, you will get to see how even a beer like ours comes from humble beginnings. If you are a beer aficionado, this is the tour for you.

Whether you are a Gin enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of Gin. At our NEW Gin Masterclass, you can expect to experience an incredible and in-depth insight into the world of Gin. Exploring the history - including its medical properties.

OStart by going behind the scenes of the official Tennent’s Brewery Tour to discover the inner workings of Wellpark, Glasgow’s most famous brewery. Within these walls, you will find the home of over 450 years of brewing tradition and our range of award-winning beers. Enjoy a pint of the freshest Tennent’s Lager you will ever get your hands on!

Stretch your sea legs and grab your pirate hat as we take you on a rum tasting adventure through the Caribbean and beyond. Learn about the fascinating history of Rum and its famous associations with piracy and the British Navy, as well as the different styles and production processes. Sample six tots of rum like a professional, no prior Rum experience necessary just a thirst to try new things!

Whether you are a whisky enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of the dram, you can expect to experience an incredible and in-depth insight into the world of whisky in the professional surroundings of the Tennent’s Visitor Centre. From Lowlands to Highlands, Speyside to the Islands, Campbeltown to Islay, our accredited Whisky Ambassador will take you on a tour of Scotland, learning about the regions and the whiskies produced there, the fascinating history behind our national spirit, and a few stories behind each dram. You will have a chance to taste several whiskies from around Scotland and increase your knowledge in an entertaining and informal environment.

You might work up an appetite after walking around the brewery, so a quick trip over to one of the best pubs in town for a meal is a great way to finish a tour.

Tennent’s Tour & Glasgow Distillery Spirits Masterclass Showcasing Tennent’s Beer, and the full selection of Makar Gin. Tennent’s have teamed up with The Glasgow Distillery to offer an exclusive tasting experience of Glasgow’s best drinks brands! Take the iconic Tennent’s Brewery Tour to see behind how we make our beer so special. The tour will end with a sampling of our unpasteurised Tennent’s Lager fresh from our copper tanks, in addition to a selection of export-only beers. The experience continues with a unique masterclass involving the Glasgow Distillery Company’s award-winning Makar Gins. We will take you through a specialised tasting of Glasgow Distillery’s Makar Gins.